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Projects. Research related and hobby ones:


Code for the paper: Generative Probabilistic Novelty Detection with Adversarial Autoencoders, In: NeurIPS 2018
bimpy is a python module that provides bindings to dear imgui and distributed as a self-contained package bundled with glfw and gl3w.


Open-set Recognition with Adversarial Autoencoders


ShaderBoiler is a C++, header only library for generating GLSL code out of C++ constructs.
A hobby project, in which I've implemented a fully functional emulator of IBM PC with 8186/8286 CPU Can run MS-DOS and turbo pascal in it! Have some very basic support for VGA. Can be compiled for WebAssembly and asm.js. Check out an web demo and demo with debugging UI
tensor4 - pytorch to C++ convertor using lightweight templated tensor library


One header library for rendering text via OpenGL API


Provides a view of the solar system from different sides and provides a view from the observer on Earth (you need to specify your location coordinates).


bfio is a small, one header only library for serialization/deserialization of C/C++ objects.


Example of implementation of a dynamic procedural sky using BGFX library.


EnvMapTool - Cross-platform tool for working with environmental maps.